What We're Doing

We are a resident-led group, bringing local talent, skills and energy together to make a positive, lasting difference to our community since 2013.

Our Mission

Our Vision For 2019-21

“We will continue to work towards building a safe, integrated, harmonious Bountagu community, bringing together diverse groups, through activities and opportunities which will build a legacy of beauty, hope and aspiration for future generations.”

Our Priorities

Children and
Young People

Bountagu deeply believes in equipping the children and young people of the Lower Edmonton area with appropriate leadership, employability and creative skills through our events and workshops to enable them to grow as leaders of the future.

Over 50s

In a community, no one should be neglected. We move forward together. Our People 50+ programme seeks to support older people who are isolated and engage them in community activities and events.

The Local

Bountagu aims to support improved access to outdoor spaces and experiences, including parks and play areas, and to reduce rubbish and fly tipping.

Developing Opportunities

Bountagu are committed to helping people access opportunities for learning, employment, and enterprise, existing and new.

Community Engagement

Bountagu is a diverse community, and our focus is on integration, building community spirit and a sustainable future.

Community Engagement

Bountagu aims to review and respond quickly to residents and businesses in the Bountagu area who have been impacted by COVID-19. 

About Bountagu
Big Local

Bountagu is a community development project in Lower Edmonton, in the London borough of Enfield. It was created by local residents in 2013 as part of the Big Local initiative; one of 150 neighbourhoods in England funded with £1m over 10 years from the National Lottery Community Fund.

The project was initially known as “The Bounces-Montagu Big Local” but residents joined together the names of two main roads running through the area; Bounces Road and Montagu Road. Hence “Bountagu”!

Bountagu is led by local residents to develop opportunities for the community and improve the environment. Residents work together to make a positive and lasting difference.

Our Community

Bountagu is a community development project, meaning that the community is at the heart of everything that we do.

We address community issues and prioritise community safety. This includes developing resources to support partnerships and instill stronger confidence in local safety enforcement.

We are an advocate for community art, green spaces and cleaner streets. We believe that in a community, no one should be neglected.

Bountagu History

Led by the Third Sector Research Centre (TSRC) at the University of Birmingham, Our Bigger Story has been working with 15 Big Local areas to record change – in individuals and in Big Local communities as a whole – as it happens, to create a unique digital record of change in communities over a 10-15 year period.

Our Bigger Story have been supporting Big Local areas to record their experiences, through community research, blogs, photos, digital stories, films and other media, creating an on-line record and making films about how Big Local is making a difference. Since 2013 they have been adding some of Bountagu’s milestones to a timeline on their website, gathering content from Bountagu, conducting visits and interviews, and building a historical overview. Click this link to see the content, including videos, audio, documents, and articles included on the timeline.

What The Residents Say

Enfield Clubhouse

'Lots of these guys, even though they’ve known each other for up to 15 years, many of them have been really isolated for the last year and they haven’t actually seen each other physically. Coming to the allotment every week is productive, it’s out in the fresh air, and it’s a good way of getting healthy. It has just been incredible.'
Lead Volunteer: Enfield Clubhouse

St Peter’s Community Peace Gardens

'We used some of the Bountagu grant to hire three men and a van to pick up some beautiful potted trees that were looking for a new home. With the plans progressing well for a new disabled access path, we are much closer to reflecting the original intention of this garden; to offer an image of the beautiful diversity of creation and provide a peaceful place to remember our loved ones.'
Revd Tina
Vicar of St Peter’s Church

Lockdown Craft Boxes

'I absolutely love teaching my fabulous workshops, but when Covid hit, I couldn't do it face-to-face anymore. With support from Bountagu’s Little Ideas Fund, I had a wonderful time making gorgeous creative boxes for all ages and abilities, and posting them to local households to be inspired in their own time, in their own home, and have loads of fun. Thank you, Little Ideas Fund!'
Owner: Zinfinity

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