Bountagu Big Local Area Map

The Bountagu Geography

The map shows the 'Bountagu' area receiving support from Local Trust

The Bountagu area includes 2,100 households with over 5,000 residents. It covers almost a third of Lower Edmonton Ward in the London Borough of Enfield. All addresses are in the N9 postcode area.

The borders were defined by the National Lottery in order to meet the funding criteria for their Big Local programme, identifying challenges around deprivation, employment, health, and a lack of community activities, resilience or of experience accessing support.

You may find it easier to view the neighbourhood in context of the local area, using Google Map of the Bountagu Area.

The Bountagu area is bordered on the east and south by the railway tracks by Meridian Way and by Salmon’s Brook (these correspond with the Lower Edmonton ward boundaries), on the west by Eastbournia / Ranworth / Exeter / Eldon, and on the north by Cumberland and Walbrook.

Badma Close
Barrowfield Close
Bounces Road 97-295 [odd] & 128-240 [even]
Buxton Close
Chad Crescent
Congo Drive
Coniston Gardens
Cumberland Road (including Cumberland House, Goodwin House
Graham House)
Danube Close
Densworth Grove (including Ellen Court)
Devonshire Road 1-11 [odd] & 2-16 [even]
Dover Road
Eastbournia Avenue
Eldon Road, Exeter Road
Foxglove Close
Granville Avenue
Hennessy Road
Hudson Way (including Liffey Court, Thames Court)
Huntingdon Road (only 2,4,6, and Walbrook House)
Kariba Close
Lena Crescent

Marshside Close
Monmouth Road 137-197 [odd] & 76-102 [even]
Montagu Road (only 301-485 and White House flats)
Nash Road
Nile Drive
Pentland Close, Prespa Close
Ranworth Road (including Ranworth Court)
St Malo Avenue
Strimon Close
Tigris Close
Town Road 147–187 [odd] & 170–264 [even] and including Brett Ct, Boone Ct, Ithaki Ct)
Volta Close
Warley Road
Westbourne Place
Zambezi Drive

Bountagu Community Allotment

Our plot is on Barrowfield Allotments N9 – very close to Westbourne Hall.

Access is from the alleyway coming from Eastbournia Ave/Westbourne Place, or from Wellington Ave, or from Menon Drive. Call from the gate and we should hear you!

Ours is the second plot in, on the left coming from Westbourne or just before the alley ends if coming via Menon Drive from Plevna Rd/Edmonton Green.

Follow the map pin here.

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