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Decisions and activities are led by our Partnership Members and Subgroup teams, formed of local volunteers passionate about helping local people work together to make a positive and lasting difference to our area.

They lead on the strategic direction, and on plans to achieve sustainability and to leave a legacy for the community. They also form part of our subgroups and project teams, helping to make things happen for our community.

Meet The Team

Key Partner Organisations


In 2018 Voluntary Services for Broxbourne and East Herts (CVSBEH), were appointed by the Bountagu Partnership as their Locally Trusted Organisation (LTO). It is a requirement of all Big Local areas to have an LTO. CVSBEH has offices close to the Bountagu area and provides a range of support to Bountagu including financial management, employment, contracting services and governance advice. For more information about CVSBEH click here. As well as being of great day-today support to the Partnership, the LTO has a representative at all the Partnership meetings and that person works closely with the Chair, Partnership Members and the employed Bountagu staff to ensure that they have the correct information and infrastructure in place to effectively undertake their roles. This is particularly important as Big Local Areas such as Bountagu are not ‘legal entities’ so it is the responsibility of LTO to look after things like insurance, employment contracts, commissioning agreements and managing any building leases etc. 

Our Bigger Story

As part of a plan for the long-term evaluation of the Big Local initiative, Our Bigger Story is a multimedia platform that captures the development of a few selected Big Local areas. Bountagu contributes content to the online records in various forms such as newsletter articles, videos and photos that portray our activities and successes. Our Bigger Story is led by the Third Sector Research Centre by the University of Birmingham. For more details, please head over to Our Bigger Story. 


UnLtd is a charity set up by seven organisations that promote social entrepreneurship and is the leading provider of support to social entrepreneurs in and around the UK. Bountagu has partnered with UnLtd since 2014, to encourage and nurture businesses with a social aim in and close to our area. We have been awarded ‘intense enterprise status’. Throughout 2018 and 2020, we match-funded a three-way project with UnLtd and Local Trust to support individual social entrepreneurs with cash awards, networking and mentorship, helping around 20 new and fledgling local social businesses.

Our Mission

Our vision for 2019-21

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