Underpinning Priorities

As well as the priority areas of focus, we also identified three underpinning strands to run throughout the current Plan’s delivery and implementation.

Sustainability & Legacy

We will consider legacy and sustainability in developing all projects. We understand that not all activities will be sustainable but will seek to ensure those that can be, are.

Community Engagement

Bountagu is a diverse community, and our focus is on integration, building community spirit and a sustainable future.

We will create more opportunities for people to come together to learn new skills, have fun, socialise, and feel connected to this area, and to continue the Big Local conversation locally. This includes making the most of our community spaces and encouraging more activities, programmes, and events to take place for the benefit of everyone.

We will support community-led activities and events, with a view to increasing engagement of residents and increased neighbourliness. Read more here.

Impact Measurement

We will ensure that all our projects have measurable outputs and outcomes and capture the changes being made by the work undertaken, to demonstrate the benefits of engagement and activity for local people, including through short articles, case studies and exhibitions.

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