Bountagu Big Local Two Year Plan : 2019 – 2021

July 1, 2019
Partnership News

This spring, we have worked with external consultants to review and refine our Plan for the next two years. Consultation with local residents and feedback from organisations we have worked with, have informed its values, priorities and principles, alongside exploring our own thoughts at Partnership workshop discussions and our updated Community Profile.

There’s still plenty to do and we only have another few years before our Big Local funding comes to an end, but by then we will have put some legacy initiatives in place to enable all the good we do to continue long after that.

We faced a number of challenging issues over the last 18 months, but our Partnership continued to meet regularly and, supported by our Big Local reps, have reorganised ourselves with a new Locally Trusted Organisation, new Partnership members and volunteers, and a bright new office base.

We’ve achieved some great things over the past few years, but recognise the need to re-engage the community and develop a new shared plan that residents and partners can support.

It’s a really exciting time to be involved helping to build our local community, and we look forward to meeting even more of neighbours and friends as we move through this inspiring phase of delivery for 2019-2021.


○    Bountagu’s 2019-21 Big Local Plan (PDF) and Appendices (PDF)

If you have any questions (or notice any errors!), please email or call 020 8807 5827.

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