The Bountagu
Big Local Plan

The Bountagu Partnership is responsible for setting vision and direction. It does this in the form of a Big Local Plan (the Plan) normally covering a 2 or 3 year period, which is then approved by Local Trust, to release funding for that period.

Each plan includes a vision statement, defined priorities and outcomes, and a budgeted framework to help achieve these. These are reviewed with each new Plan and so adapt slightly every few years.

Our Current Plan 2019-2021

Areas Of Focus

Bountagu’s defined priorities fitted largely into four areas of focus, with three underpinning strands set to run throughout its delivery and implementation.

In light of the effects of Covid on our community, we currently have an additional focus on Wellbeing. 

Our next Big Local Plan is being researched and prepared to begin in 2022, and will include a look at Bountagu’s legacy beyond the end of our Big Local funding. 

Underpinning Priorities

As well as the priority areas of focus, we also identified three underpinning strands to run throughout the current Plan’s delivery and implementation.

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What Our Partners Say

Enfield Clubhouse

'Lots of these guys, even though they’ve known each other for up to 15 years, many of them have been really isolated for the last year and they haven’t actually seen each other physically. Coming to the allotment every week is productive, it’s out in the fresh air, and it’s a good way of getting healthy. It has just been incredible.'
Lead Volunteer: Enfield Clubhouse

St Peter’s Community Peace Gardens

'We used some of the Bountagu grant to hire three men and a van to pick up some beautiful potted trees that were looking for a new home. With the plans progressing well for a new disabled access path, we are much closer to reflecting the original intention of this garden; to offer an image of the beautiful diversity of creation and provide a peaceful place to remember our loved ones.'
Revd Tina
Vicar of St Peter’s Church

Lockdown Craft Boxes

'I absolutely love teaching my fabulous workshops, but when Covid hit, I couldn't do it face-to-face anymore. With support from Bountagu’s Little Ideas Fund, I had a wonderful time making gorgeous creative boxes for all ages and abilities, and posting them to local households to be inspired in their own time, in their own home, and have loads of fun. Thank you, Little Ideas Fund!'
Owner: Zinfinity

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