Bountagu Priorities:

Developing Opportunities For Local People

Bountagu are committed to helping people access opportunities for learning, employment, and enterprise, existing and new.

We promote an entrepreneurial culture, encouraging residents to set up businesses, and supporting the existing local economy. We have also funded local social enterprises through our partnership with the UnLtd programme.

Our Developing Opportunities subgroup (formerly ‘Employment, Enterprise, Training and Skills’) is resident-led and meets regularly to plan and address community issues.


Social Enterprise

Annual UnLtd Dinner 2020
At the end of February 2020, UnLtd treated around 20 local award winners and Bountagu volunteers to a lovely dinner at Kervan Sofrasi on Church St. It was great to properly meet and talk with so many entrepreneurs who had been given a helping hand through our partnership with UnLtd. A fabulously varied group, all combining their new businesses with helping in our community.

Social Enterprise Funding – UnLtd
Our community has 10 new Social Entrepreneurs, helped during 2018-20 by local support and funding from UnLtd and Bountagu. A social enterprise is a business that makes money for its owners, and also benefits the community as part of its day-to-day activities. If you have an idea that can benefit the community and make money in the process, please email Joel Attar for a conversation at For more about UnLtd and social enterprise, click here.

UnLtd + Bountagu Partnership
UnLtd have a close relationship with the wider big local project, and Bountagu have been working with them since 2014, encouraging local interest in Social Enterprise, supporting funding applications, and hosting UnLtd activities in the area. In 2018 we forged a 2-year partnership to fund local social enterpreneurs from a pot financed equally by Bountagu, UnLtd, and Local Trust. The application panel included local volunteer members of Bountagu’s Partnership board.

Training and Workshops

Bountagu has been building partnerships to bring more local training opportunities within the reach of more people, as well as finding and signposting them. We continue to look for more ways to make this happen. Signposting Locally Available CoursesAs well...

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