#BigLunch #Together Montagu Rec – Summer 2019

September 14, 2021

The Eden Project’s #BigLunch invites millions of people to get together locally to ‘share food and get to know each other better’. People just bring a plate of food, and sit with their neighbours and friends to eat! There was food to buy, but many people were happy to share what they brought. Entry was free and all ages were welcome. Our first #BigLunch ran alongside and as part of the Met Police’s #Together day, a new initiative for family events, aiming to offer young people a chance to explore avenues other than gangs and crime.

The wider event was led by our local Safer Neighbourhoods teams with support from Bountagu and others. It was full of activities, local information, and great opportunities to meet neighbours. Huge thanks to Enfield Police for organising this first Edmonton #Together event, to Platinum Performing Arts for running the stage and organising the fantastic performers, of course to our Bountagu volunteers for helping run #TheBigLunch marquee, and to everyone else involved during preparation or on-the-day! Thanks to everyone who spoke with us, ate with us, or filled out the feedback forms. You can see more of the fabulous event photos on our Facebook and Instagram feeds. The event was promoted through existing media channels, at other activities, in local Facebook groups, as well as in local newspapers across Enfield. The majority of overhead costs were covered through Enfield Police’s partnerships and budget, with Bountagu providing space to hold meetings, phone and email responses, as well as a modest spend for the #Together part of the day funded through Bountagu’s Outreach + Engagement budget. It was hope dto make this an annual event, but Covid restrictions have so far prevented that in 2020 and 2021.

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