Day Trips: Colchester Zoo

September 14, 2021

Bountagu sometimes organises and runs a day trip or activity during school half terms. In October 2019, more than 60 parents, carers and children joined us for a jolly old coach trip to Colchester Zoo. It was a really lovely day, with some great connections made between local people (and between them to Bountagu!)

A big thank you to Bountagu volunteer Jany who organised everything, and made sure everybody had such a fun day! We hadn’t organised a coach trip for a few years, and the aim was to connect local older people with younger families and children, and reinforce that fun things can be organised locally without having to cross the borough. The event was promoted through existing media channels, at other activities, and in local Facebook groups. Bountagu considerably subsidised the cost, and attendees paid less for the coach and zoo entry, than would normally cost just for for zoo entry. It was intended to meet several criteria, so was funded jointly through three Bountagu budgets; People Over 50, Children + Young People, Outreach + Engagement.

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