Macmillan Coffee Mornings

September 14, 2021

For several years, the regular attendees of Bountagu’s Friday Coffee Mornings have dedicated a day to fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support. Cakes and other goodies get baked, bought and donated, and then sold on, alongside a well-shaken donation bucket! It’s always a great day for anyone with a sweet tooth, as local people chat away, have a laugh and make friends.

The day normally raises between £150-300 and really helps add purpose to a coffee meet up, and give a sense of contribution to some residents who can often feel a little sidelined in the comunity. The activity is run almost entirely by the individual volunteers, but Bountagu pays for the costs normally linked to the coffee morning (beverages, biscuits and venue hire) in order to minimise overhads for running the fundraising session.

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