Masks + Sanitiser Packs, Meet + Greets, Enfield Stands Together

September 14, 2021

During lockdown in 2020 we had to stop all our public-facing activities. We were looking for ways to reach out and remind our community that we were still here. Driven by a desire to feel connected and useful in the middle of such an unexpected shake-up of our world, we organised door to door deliveries and ‘meet and greet’ street stalls, distributing small pouches containing a Face Mask, Sanitiser and Tissues. These were posted through the doors of 2100 local homes, as well as being given at other activities we were able to conduct.

We reinforced the local “Enfield Stands Together” message with posters and flyers with contact numbers and details for local food banks and food delivery services, alongside the promotion of Bountagu’s “Little Ideas Fund” community grants and an invitation to other local groups to connect with us. Together these outreach activities helped attract new partnership members and volunteers, but most importantly gave focus and additional purpose at a difficult time for our community, volunteers and staff.

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