Memorial Tree Planting on Montagu Rec

September 14, 2021

In December 2019, a team of local volunteers planted 3,000 trees on Montagu Recreation Ground as part of the Trees for Cities initiative with Conservation Volunteers and Enfield Council. Bountagu and St Peter’s Church helped secure a special area for 143 trees in memory of the local men who died in World War I. Letters were sent to their former homes, inviting current residents to be involved in the planting, and to a special afternoon tea.

“The Mayor of London’s commitment of 40,000 trees to help London become a National Park City, seemed like too good a bandwagon not to jump on! We had a lovely, muddy, messy day planting trees on Montagu Rec, and went home very tired. Soon we’ll put up a sign to let visitors know why those particular trees are there.” – Ingrid (Bountagu Partnership member) “To have the trees as a living memorial alongside the stone one in St Peter’s provides a fitting, growing reminder for the community of Edmonton, of those local men who lived on the streets we do now, and who made for us the ultimate sacrifice.” – Revd Tina (Vicar of St Peter’s) “It poured with rain all the day before, and I was regretting putting my name forward, but the morning was dry (hooray!) so I put on warm clothes and boots and trotted down to the playing fields. People of all ages had a good time digging, talking and finding out what groups we were from. Afterwards we had an 8 foot mulch pile to put round the new plants, and the children had great fun climbing all over it before it was wheel-barrowed away!” – Colleen (Bountagu Resident)

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