Pollinator Paths Partnership & Free Seeds and Windowsill Boxes

September 14, 2021

In 2019 and 2020, Bountagu joined forces with Pollinator Paths to encourage East Edmonton residents to create pollinator-friendly patches at home, to welcome bees and butterflies in our neighbourhood. The partnership utilised Facebook and Instagram to share project updates, growing advice, and photos, and to answer questions and to connect with others nearby.

Bountagu provided free seed packets and booklets, and a number of windowsill boxes for local residents who wanted to learn more about growing for bees and butterflies, and harvest some greens in the process. Bountagu also printed and organised distribution of invitation flyers to 2100 households in our local area. The project received support and funding from Pollinator Paths, and Bountagu leveraged our own networks and promotional tools, utilising our own existing design resources, digital and physical media channels. Where there were other costs, Bountagu subsidised these to ensure that project remain free. The partnership with Pollinator paths worked well, and local take up was good.

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