St Peter’s Peace Garden

September 14, 2021

In 2019, the aim for the garden was to provide a space of peace in which to remember all who have worshipped at St Peter’s, to help bring colour and hope to our local community, and to bring people together through gardening workshops and projects. They worked on the basic structures and then invited people to help build raised beds, lay decking and start the planting. Support from Enfield Youth Offenders Unit helped them keep down the weeds, and a dedicated church team made 8 raised bed boxes. The plans are progressing well for a disabled access path, and they are much closer to making their vision a reality.

The team were offered some beautiful potted trees, and used some of the Bountagu grant to hire three men and a van to bring these unexpected gifts to their new home. They are settling well, and their presence is helping to direct the final shape of this project. People regularly comment on how lovely the new garden and blue ‘river’ path are looking.

Bountagu have supported the project to create a Memorial Peace Garden at St Peter’s Church with some funding and other assistance.

‘Our hope is to plant the raised beds soon, to reflect the original intention of this garden; to offer an image of the beautiful diversity of creation and provide a peaceful place to remember our loved ones.’ Revd Tina (Vicar: St Peter’s Church)

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