Bountagu Priorities:

Environment (Incl. Outdoor Spaces And Community Safety)

Bountagu aims to support improved access to outdoor spaces and experiences, including parks and play areas, and to reduce rubbish and fly tipping.

Partnership Working and Influencing
We are working closely with both local and regional agencies, such as

  • Enfield Council
  • Local Police
  • Transport for London
  • Greater London
  • Authority

to maintain and improve our physical environment and safety of the area.

Community Safety

Bountagu will develop more resources to support partnerships, instill stronger confidence in local safety enforcement

Outdoor Spaces: Green Spaces and Cleaner Streets

The Bountagu allotment project enables residents to connect through gardening activities. In addition, Bountagu organizes or supports community planting of trees and flowerbeds and clearing of rubbish and fly tipping. We hope to increase the use of green space and play facilities as the programme continues to grow.

Outdoor Spaces: Community Art

We hope to raise people’s spirits by enhancing our outdoor spaces with commissioned artwork. This will be developed into a programme that can involve not only individuals but also young people, families and groups in designing our shared spaces. Bountagu is exploring and identifying spaces for community art (with the permission of land and building owners). If you would like to be part of this initiative, kindly drop us a note on the Contact Us page. Thank you.


Bountagu Community Allotment

Bountagu have been linked with the allotment for a number of years, ever since one of our resident volunteers invited us to get involved on her plot, and use it to help connect the community. In 2019 we conducted a...

Memorial Tree Planting on Montagu Rec

In December 2019, a team of local volunteers planted 3,000 trees on Montagu Recreation Ground as part of the Trees for Cities initiative with Conservation Volunteers and Enfield Council. Bountagu and St Peter’s Church helped secure a special area for...

St Peter’s Peace Garden

In 2019, the aim for the garden was to provide a space of peace in which to remember all who have worshipped at St Peter’s, to help bring colour and hope to our local community, and to bring people together...

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