Volunteer Q&A – Jany B

September 1, 2021
The Team

As a #BigLocal project, Bountagu is planned, directed and delivered by volunteers, all of whom are passionate about making a difference to our community.

JANY Here’s Jany, Bountagu Partnership Board member and Secretary. Jany has been a volunteer for Bountagu Big Local since the start of the project in 2012. As Secretary, Jany helps organise meetings and takes notes that we couldn’t be without but that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how she supports the project. Jany, your energy, willingness and commitment do not go unnoticed. THANK YOU Jany!

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

What I enjoy most is the fact that I meet like-minded people, doing the same activity, having fun at the same time and doing something for a good cause.

What have you learnt from volunteering, that’s different to paid work?

I have learnt different skills, gained confidence in talking to an audience and being in a leadership role, as I lead on several projects.

Would you recommend volunteering to others and if so, why?

I would definitely recommend others to volunteer, as not only do you gain valuable experience and skills to build up your CV and get a paid job, but there is that great feeling it brings for doing something unselfishly for someone, making a difference in their life. But above all, is to know that you can support a cause and hopefully make a long-lasting impact in your community.

Maybe you have the passion, energy and interest to join a subgroup project team or our Partnership Board? Get involved! info@bountagu.com | 020 8807 5827 (Mon-Thu)

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